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The sliding hermetic doors forms part of the solutions offered by our team for laboratories, hospitals and environments related to the health sector. Our airtight sliding doors are customizable. Finished in stainless steel or high pressure laminate which is available in a wide range of colours, as well as the combination of both. With bi-part or single-slide options, Manusa’s hermetic doors combine the advantages of an automatic door with the airtightness and hygiene required for clean environments. This makes our designs perfectly integrated into any architectural project, adding aesthetic value that conveys professionalism, elegance and safety to users. Manusa hermetic sliding doors carry our seal of guarantee, as they ensure access, comfort and provide maximum security. There is an option for a flush-surfaced vision panel in glass with camera, elegantly designed and easy to clean, all available in different shapes and sizes.


Air tightness The whole door is designed to guarantee hygiene.
Hygiene Fully flush surface design
Opening Bi-part of single-slide leaf opening.
Finish Stainless steel, high pressure laminate (HPL) or mixed
Accessories Compatible con amplia gama de accesorios
Customizable Personalised in measures, finish options and colours
Block frame Ensures the perfect fit with the door leaf and guarantees hermetic sealing on any type of wall
Vision panel Vision panel option is available in different shapes and sizes.


Our team is extremely attentive to developing designs that perfectly fit the spaces in which our doors will be mounted. Therefore, Manusa hermetic sliding doors can be manufactured with a wide variety of materials that allow different sizes and colours to add value to the appearance of the set and transmit confidence to the user.


Due to the innovative design with high quality materials, added to the wide variety of accessories available, Manusa hermetic sliding doors are ideal for sectioning spaces and rooms in buildings where waterproofing and hygiene are guaranteed in buildings used in the health sector, such as hospitals.


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Frequently asked questions about hermetic sliding doors

What distinguishes hermetic sliding doors from nonhermetic doors?

Hermetic sliding doors help preserve the correct pressure inside the room thanks to their double hermetic seal, thereby minimising air leakage and facilitating unidirectional airflow. 

In the case of clean rooms or operating theatres, clean air is pumped into the room to maintain a positive air pressure or overpressure thus preventing the entry of pathogens; hermetic automatic doors minimise any air leakage so the pressurisation system operates more efficiently.

Morgues, by contrast, have a lower air pressure than the surroundings to ensure pathogens do not leave the room. In this case the air leaving the room is filtered to remove the pathogens and clean air is pumped in.

One option is to mount stainless steel tubular handles, which can be used to open and close the door manually. Another option is recessed handles, again these permit manual operation of hermetic doors.