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Automatic swing doors for outdoor areas


We are used to opening and closing swing doors every day. Most manual doors are this type of door, which opens by pivoting on an axis, inwards or outwards. Many buildings, buildings and homes have already opted to install automatic doors to allow the transit of people from one place to another and to make it easier and more comfortable for them to enter the building.

The automatic swing doors designed, manufactured, and installed by Manusa allow a better use of space. This makes the flow of people easier in, for example, shopping centers, neighborhood communities, hotels, hospitals, or restaurants. They can be installed in the exterior areas of the building providing security, practicality and a flawless design with stainless steel, high-intensity laminate (HPL) or mixed finishes, and customized colors according to the needs and taste of each client. All this gives a high quality result that integrates perfectly into the environment in which they are located.

Hinged doors are more adaptable than most doors in the market and have multiple installation possibilities. At Manusa we work to improve people's lives, that is why we convert any manual swing door into an automatic one. After this process, the leaf of the swing door converted into an automatic door is operated by a single operator.

Among its features, it is worth highlighting that it has a minimalist operator with a rounded box, that its opening can be to the left or to the right according to the requirements of the location, that it incorporates a special anti-wind operation mode and that its leaf opening and closing speed can be programmed.

What to do if a swing door motor has no power?

One of the most common malfunctions in automatic swing doors is that the movement is not smooth or is slower than normal. For this reason, we recommend that you contact Manusa's technical service so that they can take care of the repair and install the necessary spare parts in the motor.

Do you want to install automatic swing gates in an outdoor area of a building? Contact our team now and we will provide you with information about the benefits of this type of product.

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