From the initial idea to the best maintenance service

360º Service

We accompany you in all the phases of the project. Thanks to our comprehensive support you will be able to solve your projects quickly and efficiently. Our team of professionals will advise you at all times. They will help you by coordinating all the phases of the project and will offer you a personalised solution designed to solve your challenges, incorporating the latest technology and guaranteeing you a top quality technical assistance service with our own staff.


We design

We imagine revolutionary spaces and accesses in order to design the best solution for you. We have been more than 50 years creating customised and personalised intelligent access, for perfect integration within their environment.


We adapt

We view each project as a challenge to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We individually analyse and work on each solution, in order to design the door that meets all your expectations and objectives, and we make a unique product depending on your needs.


We manufacture

More than 350 highly-qualified professionals, more than 20,000 access systems designed, manufactured and maintained every year. These figures attest to our leading position in the creation, design and development of all types of intelligent access, with high quality materials.


We accompany

Our 360º service results in a comprehensive advice process when choosing intelligent access, a customised installation that takes care of all the details, and a 24/7 maintenance and technical support service (depending on geographical availability), designed to provide peace of mind.

Our experts will be happy to contact you and advise you on everything you need.

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