Automatic door maintenance

Select the maintenance plan that you need

Maintenance and periodical revisions are basic to guarantee that your automatic doors are always up to date and in this way effectively prevent failures. At Manusa we design plans so that you don't have to worry about anything.

mantenimiento-mantenimiento preventivo

Preventative maintenance

We conduct regular inspections of your doors, both of their general condition and of the correct operation of their components. This prevents possible incidents and malfunctions, and extends their useful life. You will always have peace of mind, knowing that your access will work as well as they did on day one.


The flexibility that you need

We offer different contract modalities which combine maintenance plans with regular safety inspections adapted to your company. You can choose from different support plans to additional options, such as express service or personalised preventative inspections, amongst others.


Maximum guarantee for all the brands

During our more than 50 years’ experience in the field, we have led multiple advances in the manufacture and maintenance of automatic doors, both with regards to technology and applicable standards. This broad experience allows us to offer you the best maintenance and technical support for all your automatic doors, whichever their brand.

mantenimiento-reparaciones plus

Repairs with an efficiency bonus

We have a leading infrastructure throughout the whole national territory, guaranteeing faster and more efficient repairs, we have: original spares at all times which are permanently stocked; our own vehicle fleet and a great team of technicians; experts in intelligent accesses who are trained at our facilities.

Our technical service department is there for whatever you need.

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