50 years opening doors



Founded more than 50 years ago, Manusa has grown to become a leading company in the creation, design and development of all types of smart access.

Thanks to a dedicated commitment to innovation and technology, we put our experience at the service of facilities around the world. We adapt to the latest

  • More than 450 highly qualified professionals.
  • More than 20,000 automatic doors designed, manufactured, installed and maintained every year.
  • Branches in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil and China.
  • Commercial offices in Argentina and the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Presence in more than 90 countries


Highly qualified professionals


Accesses designed, manufactured, installed and maintained every year


Own branches: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil and China


Countries where Manusa is present



We value and foster the ability to imagine innovative spaces and accesses.

We own the latest technology which facilitates the optimisation of all processes and the creation of smart solutions..

Opening new doors and reaching further, acknowledging that cooperation and creativity are key to all innovations

Our commitment is maintained throughout the development of the project, from the beginning until its maintenance.

In manufacturing our automatic doors, we only use materials that comply with the strictest quality controls in order to ensure perfect operation.



We are driven by challenges posed by architects, construction workers and end customers, however complicated they may be. We are aware that facing new challenges is the only way to enhance creativity and to have the ability to offer an exclusive solution for each project.

We aim for the development of accesses and services with transparency and dynamism to always adapt to the new times and people’s true needs While continuing to be trusted partners.



Creating social and environmental value in the medium and long term to contribute to the well-being of communities and individuals is one of our goals. At Manusa we are committed to promoting energy efficiency through our products to contribute our bit to a more sustainable, cleaner and more environmentally responsible future. We work every day to improve and develop our products, manufacturing responsibly and perfecting our systems so that they mean lower consumption and greater energy savings when closing spaces.



People are our main asset and the core of our strategy. Only with that in mind can we maintain our potential and international prestige.

That is why we want to meet you. Perhaps now or in the near future, your talent and skills can be used and developed in our company.

We offer you the possibility of building a professional future together.

Check our current recruitment processes. If you do not find a profile that suits your training and experience, do not worry.

We always look to our database to find the people who are best suited when new vacancies arise. Do not hesitate to send us your CV using this form.

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