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EyeFlow System.

This is a Manusa system designed to be used in our access control systems.

Our solution incorporates advanced software designed so that sensors can be placed where they are required. The EyeFlow software is capable of interpreting the complexity of the sensor placement randomly, not linearly. This allows the designers to place the detection photocells wherever they are required, depending on each project, in order to control the position of people along the machine. As the name indicates, this design provides our machines with a set of eyes, so that people can move through them quickly and safely.


Open Control Platform. Third-Party & Off-the-Shelf Technology.

Manusa has a team of highly-qualified engineers to carry out projects tailored to the needs of each customer, for any type of access solution. 

For this, we use both our own technologies and components, as well as the latest solutions and technologies that enter the market every day, in order to satisfy the customer and meet our objectives, always complying with the Off-the-Shelf Technology concept. Additionally, our modular control systems facilitate the integration of the best third-party technologies available.