Customized services

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a_tu_medida_ para_arquitectos

For the Architects

Technical accuracy, innovation and adaptability. We offer customised solutions with the aim of flawlessly integrating them in the overall design of every project. We guarantee our assistance from the very beginning of the project up to its completion, respecting the most demanding quality standards.

  •  Technical advice
  •  BIM Integration
  •  Ad-Hoc designed
  •  Certifications and documentations

a_tu_medida_ para_constructores

For the Construction Workers

Quality, sustainability and competitive prices go together in order to ease the challenging task of construction workers. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service by a team of people with a wide knowledge of the product and its certifications. Rather than being suppliers, we are partners.

  •  Ad-Hoc designed solutions
  •  Guaranteed deadlines
  •  Extensive network of technicians
  •  Guarantee and follow up of product

a_tu_medida_ para_intermediarios

For the Intermediaries

Every intermediary’s wish is to meet the needs of the costumer in a flexible and satisfactory manner. Therefore, our goal is to be pragmatic, responsible and trustworthy. We are aware that providing a quick response and carrying out a thorough follow-up of every we do is the best way to earn your loyalty.

  •  Follow up with single interlocutor
  •  Ad-Hoc designed solutions
  •  Wide availability of stock
  •  Direct customer service

a_tu_medida_ para_cliente_ final

For the End Customer

Every costumer is a world unto itself. More so if the client is not a professional in the sector. We are well aware of that. That is why we want to take care of you, giving you advice at all times, so that you can make the most of the experience our team of highly qualified professionals possess.

  •  On site advice
  •  “turnkey” solutions
  •  Certifications and documentations
  •  Guarantee and follow up of product
  •  Extensive network of technicians
  •  Customised maintenance contract