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Operators and Automatic Doors

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Manusa Motors. Intrinsic Reliability.


Manusa motors do not have brushes, so they operate in a silent and robust manner and require zero maintenance. Its sine wave control electronics reduces vibration from the moving door to undetectable levels. Likewise, its operation is independent of environmental conditions, making it ideal for all types of doors and access controls.

Motors with Direct Drive. Performance without Loss.


Manusa motors are noted for the traction of the leaves they use, with Direct Drive technology. It is carried out directly, that is, the connection is direct to the motor shaft, without gears or reduction belts, which results in an operation with fewer mechanical losses and no breakdowns. Not only does this system provide more efficiency, but it also increases durability and reduces noise.


Universal Motor Groups for all Types of Doors.

One of the greatest advantages of our motor groups is their modular design. It allows them to be adapted to any door, whatever its format or dimensions and, in addition, they can be tested and checked beforehand. In this way, we can ensure a correct commissioning process during installation and prevent incidents.


Advanced Track-Rail Systems.

The design of all our components has been thought of, specifically, for manufacturing with two points of contact, design and materials, to ensure the best operation and the greatest durability. The wheel profile has been manufactured using high-performance technical thermoplastics. The use of this material achieves a final product with greater rigidity and load capacity in any direction. This design offers less wear on the wheels, and a notably quieter operation.