Visio+ Platform

Discover the state-of the-art technological solutions offered by our automatic doors.

We have multiple remote-connection solutions available, providing extra safety in all of your accesses.

Our solutions based on Visio+ electronics incorporate the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology that connects our automatic doors to the Internet, which creates intelligent access systems. 

The connection is made via WiFi, allowing remote management in real time from your mobile phone, and opening up a world of possibilities in Smart Building. In addition, this technology offers the possibility of remote updating, so that it can integrate future functionalities and improvements that are being incorporated into our catalogue. With Visio+, we ensure that our Manusa products always operate at the highest performance.

We also have a range of accessories available to provide connectivity to doors and machines from earlier generations, as well as other connection possibilities (Ethernet, 4G).



A  safe, reliable Manusa tool with intuitive operation that allow us to manage our doors and accesses. The application designed for the end user and accessible from both iOS and Android, provides extra comfort and security in all accesses and allows:

  • Knowing at all times the access state
  • Changing the operating mode remotely
  • Programming schedules
  • Receiving remote assistance
  • Creating different access administration profiles

Discover its advantages


Created for professionals, it is the perfect solution to keep your doors and access management up to date:

  • Manage the set of doors installed 
  • View in detail the operational state of a door
  • Adjust the operational parameters of Manusa operators
  • Access documentation, and assembly and maintenance technical guides
  • Receive remote assistance


Safety Elements Supervision System

Safety is paramount, and our automatic doors are designed with that in mind.

They incorporate DDS sensors, that combine radar technology for activating the door by movement with active infrared technology, as well as protecting the user in any situation thanks to presence detection systems.

Visio+ goes further, incorporating an advanced active supervision system for all safety elements that contributes not only to providing perfect operating conditions, but also to guaranteeing user safety.

tecnologia-conectividad-iot-bus manusa

Manusa Bus

It is a sophisticated connection system between the control electronics part and our automatic door accessories with Visio+. It provides maximum operational reliability and easy installation. 

In addition, it allows the automatic recognition of accessories without the need to turn off the operator, Plug&Play, of a wide range of products, guaranteeing secure communication between them and offering high speed to reach to new horizons with the functionalities of our access solutions.