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The best motors for automatic doors


One of the fundamental elements in an automatic door is, without a doubt, its motor. It is the part that starts the gearing and makes the door open and close without the user having to push it.

Visio motors are a guarantee of effective, top-quality operation. There is a series of models available, some of the most notable being the Visio 175, Visio 100 and Visio 125 systems.

Depending on the model, bi-parting doors can bear up to 90, 120 or 220 kg per glass leaf; while side-opening models can support up to 120, 160 or 300 kg.

How long do automatic doors take to open? The opening speed achieved with this type of drive unit is around a thousandth of a second. This means that when someone approaches the door and is detected by the motion sensor, it will start to open almost instantaneously without the user having to wait.

Motors for automatic swing doors

Besides the models mentioned above, there are also the Visio Curvo, Visio fireproof and Visio Hermético, Activa+ and Batiente drive unit systems. In the last example, which is for swing doors, the opening speed ranges from 3 to 6 seconds.

Bear in mind that this type of access and automation is becoming increasingly popular in all kinds of public building such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and even apartment blocks.

There are also a lot of individuals and companies that have opted for automatic doors for their garages. It is a logical choice because they can be opened and closed using a remote control and without getting out of the car.

It is very important to choose an automatic door with a good drive unit that meets the user’s expectations; in this respect, the Visio motors used in Manusa doors offer excellent value and top quality.

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