Manusa Brand

Manusa launches its Instagram profile

Many companies choose to generate engagement and branding on one of the social networks with highest growth over recent years: Instagram.

Belonging to Facebook, the platform has replaced Twitter in many countries, and Generation Z uses the Instagram direct messaging system in the same way that Millennials use WhatsApp.

In order to expand the vision, mission and values of the company, Manusa has launched its Instagram account. This has enabled it to integrate the digital strategy already developed in other spaces, such as LinkedIn, Youtube or Twitter, into this new channel.

The posts might have contents on sustainability and accessibility, including the circular economy or energy efficiency; coverage of events and trade fairs in which company professionals take part; or the presentation of emblematic projects and the international expansion of automatic doors designed and manufactured by the company.

Furthermore, hand in hand with the human resource department, this new communications channel will help develop the company’s employer branding strategy. Current employees will be identified and new talent will be sought. Brand humanisation is one of the mainstays of transparency.

What is more, there will be a new on-line chat space for audiences such as architects, designers, and suppliers of Manusa and Ferroflex.

Through its launch on Instagram, the company continues in its unstoppable job of opening to the future.

Any doubts?