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An airlock is formed by two or more elements placed one after the other, forcing people to pass through them in a controlled manner. Thanks to the diversity of products that Manusa offers, we can create any type of airlock with linear, curved, swing, or balance doors, or even using access control devices. It provides a great many options for control and external connectivity so that it can be integrated into other control systems in the area and be managed and supervised from the security office.


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Frequently asked questions about airlock systems

What is an airlock system?

The airlock system is a security solution with multiple configuration and customisation options. The system can be installed in hospitals, laboratories, government buildings, banks or any premises that, for security reasons, require a system with a series of sequential elements that can only be transited in a controlled manner. 

Airlock system can be manufactured with linear, curved, swing or balance doors, using access control devices or with any product that only allows the second door to be opened once the first door has closed.

We can integrate a wide range of accessories including motion, pressure or thermal sensors, camera systems, card readers, biometric readers, facial recognition systems, RFID readers and volumetric sensor systems.