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The automatic doors for Bus Rapid Transit systems have been designed to optimize the flow of people in BRT stations. Our goal is to optimize the safety and functionality of these spaces by offering an elegant and quality doors, suitable for intensive use which require little maintenance. Based on these needs we have designed a product that is easily adaptable, durable and with low maintenance, all of which is integrated into a management and control system that synchronizes the opening and closing of both the platform and the vehicle, allowing coordinated and safe passage of passengers. In Manusa we specialize in automatic doors for BRT systems, which has made us leaders in the sector due to the wide range of possibilities we offer from the very first step of the project. We adapt the design to any infrastructure to fit the requirements of the station, thus causing minimal impact within the architectural complex. Our doors guarantee the safety of the passengers, allowing coordinated access to the carriages, and avoiding accidents.


Scalable Expanded if required by the network
Versatile It's able to cater all control and safety needs
Smart The system can identify different types of vehicles and opening adaptable to any infrastructure.
Communication system Wireless and possibility of incorporating elements such as tariff barriers, lighting or air conditioning.
Application Save distances between the loading dock and the truck
Installation Easy installation and low maintenance.
Security Possibility of incorporating people counting systems.
Control Possibility of incorporating people counting systems.


The automatic doors for Bus Rapid Transit systems are designed exclusively for public transport structures such as airports, metro stations or bus stations.


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Frequently asked questions about Bus rapid transit systems

What is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system?

Bus rapid transit is a high-quality operational system designed to optimise the flow of passengers through bus stations. They offer rapid, comfortable and affordable urban mobility. In BRT stations, the doors on both the platform and bus are automatically and safely opened and closed in unison.

As an international company with representatives in over 90 countries, we have already installed our BRT system in Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Pakistan, among others. The Manusa BRT system can be scaled to meet any automation, control or safety requirements. Each project can be tailored and expanded to adapt to the growth of the BRT system.