Speed gate with two-way swing panels


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It is an innovative access control system where safety, comfort for the user and the most effective design come first. They consist of an elegant module that supports the swinging glass panels that open according to the direction of transit and can be managed by any access control system. It has been designed to integrate any validation system such as biometrics, fingerprints, RFID cards or facial recognition systems, in order to monitor the flow and access of people in and out the building. As well as its anti-trapping security system, other advantage offered it is the possibility to be integrated into any architectural project.


Integration Suitable for any validation system
Modulars Different configurations
Security Break-out system
Accessories Wide range of accessories available
Glass panels Three different glass panel heights available
Acoustic signal To alert on the attempted unauthorized passage
Width access Normal width or special width for handicapped access


Sophisticated technology coupled with high quality materials make theSpeed gate with two-way swing panels, suitable for a wide range of applications. Among its highlight finishes are the transparent glass panels, a structure finish in stainless steel and glass and possibility to personalize the top lid of the modules.


Access control system where security is paramount, making it ideal for official or corporate buildings, sectioning off certain areas in hotels (gyms, spas), industrial buildings or offices.


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Frequently asked questions about speed gate with two-way swing panels

Can any identification solutions be incorporated into speed gate with two-way swing panels?

Yes, some products are supplied ready for the integration of different systems such as RFID cards or supports for fingerprint or facial recognition. The Manusa Engineering Department can answer any doubts you might have about integrating whatever type of technology you need.

The main objectives when designing an access control system, such as a corridor with swing gates, are security and ease of use. We take into account the environment and project needs to find the most aesthetically pleasing integration solution that also meets all the requirements necessary for its perfect performance.