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The full height rotor turnstile is the answer to the need of controlling access to various facilities and enclosures. On the one hand, they offer security to the user thanks to its high passageway capacity, on the other hand, secure closure for any requirements. It offers advanced reliability thanks to its smooth and silent operating mode. It can be protected optionally by means of a roof, to avoid rain water, as well as offering anti-scaling function. It allows to integrate different validation systems such as biometrics, fingerprint readers, face recognition or RfiD cards. Both the electromechanical model and motorized model have bidirectional, single-direction or multi-step access control and six configurable operating modes. It is manufactured in lacquered aluminium, being an effective and optimal option overall. By means of an extra foundation frame, the turnstile can even be installed on an unstable ground. The full height turnstiles are manufactured in lacquered aluminium, being an effective and optimal option overall, not only from an architectural point of view, but also if there is already a security system installed in the facilities. At Manusa, we strive for client satisfaction, that’s why we work with a high level of transparency, offering an extensive range of options that adequately corresponds to each project from the very beginning.


Models Motorized or electromechanical
Security Optimum solution for outdoor or high level security areas
Material Made of aluminium and high corrosion resistance
Integration Suitable for any validation system
Speed Rotational speed adaptable to user's pushing force.


Made of aluminium and lacquered iron effect, so they offer a high resistance to corrosion caused by exposure to outdoor environments. It have a wide range of finishings. Its exterior dimensions are 1.600 x 1.800 x 2.325 mm and its passage width are 755 mm.


Our full height turnstiles are widely used in hotels, access to industrial or leisure areas, as well as some means of public transport (train, bus stations or airports). They are also a perfect solution to control outdoor enclosures in leisure places.


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Frequently asked questions about full height turnstile

What is a full-height turnstile?

These turnstiles are rotating, “cage-type” full-height access points that allow people to pass one at a time. They are manufactured in lacquered or stainless steel, thus providing a very strong barrier against intruders. They can be supplied with or without a canopy.

The arms rotate in the configured direction, allowing entry and/or exit from the given premises, which could be a factory, for example. Both the electromechanical and motorised models feature two-way access control and are available as either a single or twin entry/exit turnstile. The turnstiles also have an unlock system for rapid evacuation in the case of an emergency.