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The one way corridor by Manusa is a system specifically designed as a safety device, allowing the fast transit of people in a single direction, normally from sensitive areas to less critical areas (from immigration zones to luggage collection areas, for example). This exit lane system consists of two doors in interlock system which open automatically in the direction of the flow without any discomfort for the users. They are set with alarms that are activated if someone tries to use them in the opposite direction and a locking device and automatic enclave which is only unlocked when the corridor is empty. This sophisticated pedestrian directionality detection system lets you know if someone (or an object) remains inside the corridor for longer than the pre-set time. In the case of that happening an alarm signal is given, and the entrance door remains closed until the object or pedestrian leaves through the exit door. The alarm is slight and stops as soon as the corridor is released. If 30 seconds after detecting the static object is still present, the serious warning alarm sounds until 30 seconds after the release of the corridor. The Manusa exit lane can be connected to any local or external remote control or supervision system, thanks to its multiple communication and integration options for accessories such as intercom, video surveillance and counting system, and LED display.


Operating mode Two doors in interlock system that open int the direction of the flow
Scalable Available in individual or multiple corridor
Detections Wrong-way and static items detection
Security For critical security areas, such as airports
Interior LED lighting Low consumption and standby automatic mode
Status light indicator Indicate the right operating mode
Entry and exit doors With an exclusive patented system of automatic balance doors
Manusa operators With asynchronous motors


The corridor is available in a lacquered finish in all RAL colours. The product is also available in stainless steel upon request.It have stylish and contemporary design, fully integrated in every public transport environment. Available interior lighting and exterior led lighting


Manusa accessories that can be used


It has been specially designed to meet the security needs of airports, maritime or rail terminals and public transport infrastructures in general, as well as other areas with similar requirements, such as public buildings.


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Frequently asked questions about one way corridors

How do one-way corridors work?

Manusa one-way corridors consist of two interconnected doors that open exclusively in the direction of pedestrian flow and therefore prevent people from passing through in the other direction. The corridor is equipped with a system that detects any pedestrians trying to return in the wrong direction – any attempts to return would activate an alarm and the doors would close immediately.

One-way corridors are often installed in security restricted areas in airports, but also in port and train terminals, public transport infrastructures and at access points to public buildings that require maximum security. The corridors can be installed alone or in multiple parallel units, both configurations are easy to maintain and totally self-supporting structures.