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Swing gates are an access control system designed to allow people with mobility problems gain access. These swing gates have all the Manusa guarantees, and thanks to their attractive and sophisticated design they make it an ideal access solution adaptable to any environment. With safe and silent operation, the swing gates provide confidence to the user using them. They can be combined with other devices such as turnstiles and corridors to provide the installation with access adapted to those with special needs (PMR or small goods). Access control swing gates are designed to be integrated into any space, adapting their design to the architectural project in which they are installed. In Manusa we strive to combine functionality with elegance, also enabling an accessible, agile and comfortable passage space. They are an aesthetic element that makes a difference, providing an added value.


Swing panel Available in several widhts
Versatile Available in glass or tubular profile with pictogram
Pictograms Plexiglas swing panel with info sign
Automatic Motorized panel movement with unlocking motor allowing evacuation.
Integration Suitable for any validation system
Finishes Stainless steel structural finish.


The swing gates can be assembled with different materials, such as stainless steel and glass, adapting perfectly to each space and to the requirements of each client.


Manusa access controls combine the latest technology with innovative designs that ensure an agile, comfortable and safe access while adding aesthetic value. For this reason, swing panels, whose installation ensures the accessibility, are designed for public transport, buildings, offices, corporate or official buildings, industrial zones, hotels and even for sectioning spaces within the same complex.


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Frequently asked questions about swing gates

Where can motorised swing gates be installed?

As this is a high-end model, the Manusa motorised swing gates meet the most demanding design and comfort requirements. They can be installed alongside other turnstiles and access control systems, or as an independent unit. They are ideal for receptionist-controlled access points or to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, as they are available in widths of up to 900 mm.

We have motorised and electromechanical models, both are manufactured in glass with a stainless steel frame. They are available with a width of passage of 600 or 900 mm.