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Turnstiles are the most traditional and safe way to protect certain areas of restricted access and their use extends to any type of commercial, official or private enclosure. Tripod turnstiles are often used for access control in sports or training venues, public service stations and private companies. Furthermore, as well as being easy to use, they are compatible with any validation system on the market (biometrics, fingerprints, cards RfiD, facial recognition). The access control turnstiles are available in two models: the first one, which consists of a tripod barrier in a single column and the other one, which consists of a tripod barrier in a double column. Manusa’s access control turnstiles are also a good option to supervise the access of people to office buildings, sports facilities and leisure areas in general, since its model can be integrated to any type of architectural project and is adaptable to a wide range of Manusa accessories.


Functionalities Affordable solution without compromising safety
Models Two different design models
Accessories Wide range of accessories available
Integration Suitable for any validation system
Optionally Panic break-out system
Drive Electromechanical drive
Access configuration Bi-directional access configuration.


Manusa’s access control turnstiles are available in different models and its finishes allow integration in any architectural environment. Thanks to anticorrosive resistance to stainless steel can be installed outdoors.


A classic access control system like this is perfect for hotels, offices, airports, public transport stations in general, official buildings, sports venues, leisure areas, gyms, among others.


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Frequently asked questions about access control turnstiles

How do access turnstiles work?

Turnstiles make an ideal solution for access controls with high levels of pedestrian traffic that need to both enter and exit the enclosed area and where space is limited. When users pass through the turnstile, the bars rotate allowing access to the enclosed area. The turnstiles can be configured for one-way (in either direction, blocking access from the opposite side) or two-way access. In emergencies, the automatic panic break-out bar is unlocked to facilitate evacuation.

Our turnstiles feature an input to receive an alarm signal, so they are automatically unlocked in the event an emergency alarm and/or button is activated. In emergencies or in case of a power cut, the bars safely fold away without blocking the exit and can be manually returned to the operational (horizontal) position once the emergency signal has been reactivated.