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The lead lined doors are specifically aimed at the health sector which ensure the isolation of X-ray rooms. With this objective in mind, our team has put all its effort into combining engineering and design in an integral manner to offer a customizable door that guarantees maximum effectiveness. The door leaf contains two 1mm layers of lead that overlap with the lead inserts in the walls of the X-ray room to ensure perfect isolation. Depending on the needs of the room, they can even be watertight if required, but never without losing maximum safety and hygiene. Our lead lined doors for X-ray rooms offer maximum safety, comfort and a design that provides high performance and aesthetics. In addition, there is the option of adding a vision panel with lead-lined glass and camera to allow vision whilst protection against X-rays.


Typology Hermetic or non hermetic doors
Insulation Isolation thanks to its lead sheet
Opening Bi-part of single-slide leaf opening.
Fire alarm Fire alarm connection
Hygiene The totality of the door has been designed to guarantee hygiene.
Customizable Personalised in measures, finish options and colours


Even though the use of leaded doors for X-rays is very specific, it does not prevent us from offering designs adaptable to different architectural spaces, bringing an overall elegance and balance. Therefore, at the time of manufacturing we offer a wide variety of finishes and colours, adapting to the needs of each client.


The lead lined doors for radiology combine top class materials that guarantee perfect fulfilment of their function with broad design possibilities that make them the best solution for radiology rooms in any hospital, health centre or any building in the health sector.


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Frequently asked questions about lead lined doors for radiology

What materials are used to manufacture the leaves of lead-lined doors in radiology departments?

Manusa’s lead-lined hermetic doors are built with the same structure as our standard hermetic doors (i.e., with an aluminium frame) with a high-density polyisocyanurate core, a 1‑mm layer of lead on each side and the final visible coatings of high-pressure laminate (HPL), available in a range of specific finishes and colours (but not the full RAL colour chart), or stainless steel.

Our doors for radiology departments comply with the specific standard UNE 85170 for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic doors for pedestrian access to operating theatres, clean rooms and controlled environment rooms, such as an X-ray room.