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Manusa automatic doors, complete with an break-out mechanism, combine the functionality of a sliding door with the possibility of opening the leaves in a break-out position, thus allowing maximum passage area. The door operates in its normal mode (sliding and automatic) and in case of an emergency, the leaves are folded by simply pushing them outward and folding back to the sides allowing a wide-open passage of evacuation. Our panic break-out doors are recommended for public buildings such as airports, stations or supermarkets or in facilities where an access area of greater dimensions than usual is required. These doors are compatible with several of our Manusa accessories, including the Optima program selector, the Smart program selector, remote control, automatic lock, security photocells, staff access identification and access control system. Available with framed and transparent leaves.


Opening Sliding and break-out leaves
Space Where larger access opening than normal is required
Emergency Leaves can be pushed outwards by hand
Compatible leaves Transparent and full framed compatible leaves


Manusa’s emergency exit doors can be personalised in measures, finish options and colours.


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Frequently asked questions about emergency or panic exit doors

How do panic break-out doors function?

The working mechanism of emergency doors with a panic break-out system is very straightforward. They look like normal sliding doors; however, in the event of an emergency, the leaves can swing open and fold back on themselves when manually pushed outwards, providing a much wider evacuation route. This means people can exit the building safely, without shoving, causing stampedes or forming agglomerations that often prove so very dangerous in these situations.

They should generally be installed in public spaces with a capacity of more than 50 people, for example in hotels, hospitals, cinemas, libraries, and so on. What is more, they are mandatory in commercial premises measuring over 1,000 m2.  Emergency doors must provide an exit to the street, be well signposted, well illuminated and must never be obstructed.