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The hermetic swing doors look to integrate functional hermetic doors, respecting the aesthetics of the building, by adapting to it or being the element that makes the difference. These doors, specially designed for the healthcare sector, represent an advancement in the creation of hermetic spaces thanks to the combination of materials and design. Our hermetic swing doors can be assembled with a single leaf or double leaves, always guaranteeing the hygienic conditions of the interior. This is achieved by using materials such as stainless steel or high-density laminate. Whatever the client's needs are, our doors seal both sides, the top and the bottom of the door frame, ensuring the space remains airtight. Manusa hermetic swing doors have the guaranteed security that we offer with all our products. They have a vision panel with a flush camera which blends in with the aesthetics of the space, while also being easy to clean. In addition, they are adaptable to different environments and to the needs of each client, thanks to all the customizable options we offer.


Automation Manual or automatic opening
Opening Bi-part of single-slide leaf opening.
Air tightness The whole door is designed to guarantee hygiene.
Finish Stainless steel, high pressure laminate (HPL) or mixed
Accessories Compatible con amplia gama de accesorios
Hygiene The totality of the door has been designed to guarantee hygiene.
Customizable Personalised in measures, finish options and colours
Block frame Ensures the perfect fit with the door leaf and guarantees hermetic sealing on any type of wall


Hermetic swing doors are a common type of door in sanitary environments, so we have worked to offer a wide range of options, maintaining our commitment to adapting our products to the spaces they will be integrated in. Our finishes always look for aesthetic harmony and architectural construction as well as functionality and safety.


The hermetic swing doors have been developed by combining cutting-edge technology with first-class materials to create spaces where hygiene and airtightness are guaranteed, with a specific focus on the healthcare sector and spaces such as in hospitals.


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Frequently asked questions about hermetic swing doors

What types of hermetic swing doors are available?

Manusa supplies hermetic swing doors with single slide right opening, single slide left opening and bi-parting openings. Whenever hermetic swing doors need to be installed between two rooms at different pressures, the doorset should be designed and installed so that the positive pressure always acts in the same direction as the leaf closes, thus helping to keep the door closed.

The placement of hermetic swing doors should be planned by technical staff who are familiar with the product and able to select the operator anchor points and position of the outlets for the door’s power and control cables.