Occupancy control system



The occupancy control system is an autonomous people-counting device based on stereoscopic vision that allows for the capacity of stores and premises to be controlled and managed simply and intelligently, and can be connected to our automatic doors. Thanks to the technology used to develop this new switch, it is 98% reliable and is one of the safest in the market. Its main benefits include increased efficiency in occupancy control, automatic access control, and the possibility of real-time information thanks to its modular system, making it a non-invasive, effective solution that improves the user experience.


Modular Extendible functions to suit requirements.
Connectivity Using data ReD and HDMI.
Reliability Reliable, specific and safe results.
Innovation IoT switches with 3D technology.


The occupancy control system enables us not only to count the people in stores, restaurants, premises or closed spaces, but also to extend its functions to include data management for better control.


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