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The automatic revolving doors are specially designed to maintain the temperature climate of the interior of the buildings and covering the highest performance requirements. Thanks to its advanced technology and avant-garde design, they add elegance and uniqueness to the entrance while ensuring the safety of users. We are aware that buildings require solutions that guarantee not only secure and functional entrances, but also solutions that can be integrated with the architectural complex. Therefore, the automatic revolving doors are designed to adapt to any type of project guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency and quality. Manusa automatic revolving doors are ideal for top-level architectural projects thanks to their high quality and adaptability. In addition, they allow to fully meet the needs of every project, guaranteeing a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation as well as avoiding air currents and temperature fluctuations.


Traffic Different models according to people flow
Finish Transparent or full framed glass
Tipologies Different finishes and diameters
Design Distinctive design
Insulation Thermal and acoustical
Panic break-out system Available with panic break-out system
Operation Manual or automatic depending on the model.
Passage sections At 90º or 120º (3 or 4 door wings)


Standard Automatic

Standard Automatic

Thermal insulation, attractive design, gentle entrance and versatility.

Automatic all-glass

Automatic all-glass

Complete glass and slim stainless steel profiles.

Grand Automatic

Grand Automatic

Designed specially for entrances with high pedestrian traffic.

Multi Function Automatic

Multi Function Automatic

Can be used as a revolving door and a sliding door upon demand.


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