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Automatic sliding doors

Manusa automatic sliding doors are designed to not only open and close effectively, but also to do so at high-speed. This is achieved by using the most advanced technology on the market, while also guaranteeing a safe product for establishments and their users.

Automatic Sliding Doors for the Space Segmentation

Manusa’s automatic sliding doors are the best solution to separate different areas within the same premises. Especially in those places where there is a considerable circulation of people, where fluid and fast movement is required without creating barriers between the different areas. For example, in a restaurant, to separate the kitchen from the main dining area; at a gymnasium, to separate the changing rooms from the access to the installations; or in a hospital, to separate the waiting room from areas restricted to health professionals.

What Doors of These Typologies does Manusa Sell?

Automatic sliding doors are the most popular and functional on the market. Firstly, centrally or side-opening automatic doors are usually the standard type. Telescopic sliding doors are mainly installed when a clear-width area is required that is wider than normal, thus achieving maximum opening in the minimum space. The curved and semi-circular doors are adapted to unique and elegant entrances, such as those in hotels.

Automatic Sliding Door Maintenance and Repair

Manusa has a professional team that will help to guarantee the proper operation of your doors and to protect the people that pass through them each day. Keeping your equipment up to date in accordance with current legislation is key to prevent accidents, since user safety is paramount. Manusa offers different types of maintenance contracts, that can be tailored to the needs of each customer.