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The standard automatic sliding doors allow the highest opening speed on the market, ideal for environments of intense circulation of people. Thanks to its wide possibilities of customization and its maximum-security system, these doors offer a fully functional solution of the highest quality. In addition, they are specially designed to guarantee a lower visual impact and greater integration with different architectural complexes. As leaders in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of automatic doors, we manage every step of the project strictly complying with current regulations and always ready to adapt to the needs of each case. Manusa's standard automatic sliding doors are the most popular on the market thanks to their elegant appearance and great functionality. With a Bi-part or single-slide leaf opening, they can be adapted to any area of space, always guaranteeing maximum comfort for users.


Opening Bi-part of single-slide leaf opening.
Accessories Compatible con amplia gama de accesorios
Compatible leaves Transparent and full framed compatible leaves
Speed Highest opening speed on the market
Leaves Possibility of a set with or without fixed leaves.
Fire alarm Fire alarm connection
Reopening Obstacle detection with automatic reopening


The standard automatic sliding doors are fully customizable in sizes, finishes and colours. The cover of the product is made of aluminium, which allows all finishes available to be added.


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Frequently asked questions about standard automatic sliding doors

How does the standard automatic sliding door work?

The door’s operation is fairly straightforward. The standard automatic sliding door is equipped with motion sensors that send a signal to open the door when someone approaches. The door closes a few seconds after the user leaves the area defined by the software for the electronics that controls the entire system.

The standard automatic sliding doors are manufactured in aluminium. They can be supplied in raw aluminium or, if preferred, anodised or lacquered aluminium. Anodising is the chemical treatment of aluminium to produce finishes (e.g., silver, gold, bronze, black or simulated stainless steel) while maintaining the same texture. The lacquered finish can be personalised with a wide range of RAL colours.

The automatic doors are usually fitted with motion and/or presence (safety) sensors. The motion sensor triggers an opening and closing cycle whenever it detects movement within its field of detection. It also detects if the object is approaching or moving away, which helps minimise the duration the door remains open and therefore saves energy.

The presence sensor prevents any people or objects being trapped by keeping the doors open while they remain in its detection area, or reopening them if they have already started closing. When the detection area is clear of any obstructions, the doors will close safely.

Additionally, and in accordance with European standard EN 16005, lateral sensors can be fitted to prevent hands from being trapped when the sliding leaf moves across the fixed section of the door.