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Telescopic sliding doors are ideal for entrances with limited space, partitioning corridors or to expand and maximize access to narrow spaces. As a result of the imagination and hard work of our team, Manusa's telescopic sliding doors have multiple options for customisation and are perfectly adaptable to all types of structures. This ability of adapting to architectural space offers a harmonious aesthetic which results in the elegant doors that characterise us. The telescopic sliding doors combine the high performance and characteristic design of the classic Manusa doors, offering an elegant and efficient solution to the specific needs of each space. Taking into consideration the comfort of the user, the telescopic doors are bi-part or single-slide leaf opening and provide maximum security and offer added value of comfort thanks to its automatic opening and closing system.


Space Maximum opening in the minimum space
Compatible leaves Transparent and full framed compatible leaves
Accessories Wide range of accessories available
Opening Bi-part of single-slide leaf opening.
Leaves Possibility of a set with or without fixed leaves.
Entrance Unique and elegant without losing any functionality
Security Maximum security doors


The automatic telescopic sliding doors are fully customizable in size, finish and colour.


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