Touchless Switch Optima Prox+



The new Optima Prox+ touchless switch by Manusa means that automatic doors can be opened without the need for physical contact. Thanks to its improved Manusa BUS connection system, the new touchless switch is faster, easier and safer. Its small size means that it can be installed in many different environments, and its discreet, simple and functional design make it the ideal accessory for avoiding contact when opening and closing doors. Its improvements not only include its appearance but also its effectiveness. The adjustment to the detection distance make it more precise and effective, reducing the area of detection.


Functionality Small, surface-mounted mechanism.
Design Discreet, it can be integrated into many different environments.
Connectivity Fast, easy and direct via Manusa Bus.
Reliability Accessibility, safety and hygiene.


An automatic door with touchless switch is, without a doubt, a very useful additional solution that can be combined and adapted to the needs of any project in many different sectors.


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