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Which are the best automatic gates for rural properties?


Some people own properties in the countryside, whether they are for personal or professional use, such as plots for livestock or agriculture, vineyards, fruit trees or vegetables. Countryside properties are popular.

Such large spaces are delimited by fences that can be kilometres long and which require gates at certain intervals to provide access for people, animals and vehicles. Automatic gates have been introduced in recent years, affording users security, convenience and prestige.

Sliding automatic gates are an excellent solution for this type of requirement. They are operated using a remote control. There are several models of controls on the market that allow us to remotely monitor and know the status of one or more automatic doors.

The system also provides information about the state of each access point. Its outstanding feature is that it eliminates the need for wiring by creating a wireless network between gates.

Besides the wireless program switch, before installing automatic gates in a rural property, we should also consider the option of including photocells, buzzers, enclosures and locks to optimise the user experience.

In this respect, it is not worth leaving security to luck by installing cheap or second-hand gates which could result in a nasty shock. Cheap solutions never produce good results. You must trust in the professionals.

Automatic doors in agricultural buildings

Automatic doors can also be fitted to the property’s buildings. For example, in the case of livestock or arable farms, we recommend automated access points in the sheds housing the animals and farm equipment. It is the same situation in industrial warehouses and factories.

Worn and deteriorated doors may eventually break or cause own or third-party damage. Their maintenance is essential. Rapid roll-up doors are the best solution in these cases. They are usually made from canvas, open vertically and roll up rapidly.

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