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Energy Efficiency in Automatic Revolving Doors during Winter

As the cold weather arrives, many buildings suffer brusque changes in temperature that impact the electricity bill, negatively affecting the accounts of any company.

If it is an old building, many companies hire an architect to find the best solution to prevent the winter cold or the summer heat from entering the building. This is achieved, to a large extent, by placing insulating products in building walls and by replacing windows.

However, depending on the characteristics of the building, very often the desired thermal insulation is not achieved. One element that can be changed in order to make the building energy efficient is the access door.

Automatic doors prevent a door from being left open through oversight, allowing cold air to enter in winter and hot air during summer, while letting heated or cool air-conditioned air escape.

Automatic Door with Thermal and Acoustic Insulation in Winter

One of the best solutions for buildings such as hospitals, airports, hotels, shopping centres, restaurants or offices is the revolving door. It is a type of door whose features help maintain a constant temperature inside the building. During low winter temperatures, it maintains the building warm, so customers and employees remain comfortable.

It is also a big help for people walking with their hands full after making purchases in large stores, when arriving to a hotel with their suitcases or in high-transit places, where the flow of people must be maintained at entrances and exits. This also helps to prevent overcrowding at times when it is necessary to maintain social distance between people.

Do you need to install revolving doors that improve thermal and acoustic insulation in a building? Contact us now and we will help you in the design, manufacture and installation of this modern and state-of-the-art 21st century smart access.

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