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What to do if an automatic door closes by itself and for no reason?

Intelligent accesses have become an essential element for thousands of buildings around the world. Properties with automatic doors and access controls installed can be found across the globe.

These entrance and exit systems improve the life of people and help care for the environment, as they favour the energy efficiency of buildings in both summer and winter.

However, like any tech product, automatic doors can suffer incidents or faults due to their prolonged use or to an external element that has damaged them. In this article, we refer specifically to when an automatic door closes by mistake, when it shouldn’t close.

What might be the cause? The main reason is normally a fault in the motion sensor. Generally, the drive unit of the automatic doors is activated and the leaves open when the motion sensor or presence sensor detects someone at a certain distance. A few seconds after the person leaves the area in which the sensor detected them, the drive unit is activated again to move the leaves back together and close the doors. However, someone might remain standing in the safety area (clear width) while the door is still open, and it might then close. This is due to a sensor fault and must be immediately inspected by the technical service.

Solutions for Faults in Automatic Doors

What to do if the doors do not respond to the established lock and close by themselves? First contact the Manusa technical service for a quick answer to the incident. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, wait for a professional technician to arrive.

Under no circumstances should an unauthorised person handle the doors, as they could permanently damage them. Manusa automatic doors are guaranteed for over one million opening and closure cycles, and offer the best results in the market.

If you need to install intelligent accesses in your shop or business, contact us now and we will design and manufacture your customised automatic doors. We will also provide support in the after-sales process to solve any future problems.

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