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Motorizations for automatic doors

"Manusa’s automatic doors operators and motors offer the best performance with excellent durability. All our motors have Visio technology which works with three-phase motors, a cover with flexible hinges, for smooth access, and a versatile but robust structure. On a technical level, Visio technology offers the highest opening speed on the market, thanks to a high-power motor group. The Inverter technology (with a variation of force and speed) and the electronic operation of the motor, via a digital signal processor, offer a smoothness of movement like no other. In our continuous strife for improvement, we have designed a new model of sliding rails and rollers for the most silent operation with interconnection to demotic systems and industrial buses."

Manusa Drive Units Technology

The entire range of motors is equipped with Manusa inverter technology, with high-performance asynchronous motors and advanced control electronics, with the best dynamic features and greater energy savings.

IoT technology is Incorporated into Manusa Automatic Doors Motors

Indeed, Manusa drive units incorporate IoT technology, that enables connectivity control and remote control of the door. It also offers a series of additional functions through mobile apps for both users and the Technical Service.

Does Manusa Have Motors for Swing Doors?

The Manusa swing operator has been developed to facilitate the quick, safe and controlled access of people to all types of installations. It is an operator for automatic swing doors in high transit areas, available with pull or push arms, in single side leaf and two central leaves doors.