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Automatic doors

Automatic doors are designed to not only open and close effectively, but also to do so at high-speed. This is achieved by using the most advanced technology on the market, while also guaranteeing a safe product for establishments and their users.

Manusa In-House Design and Technology

At Manusa we have a large R&D+i team that includes mechanical and electronic engineering, industrial design, and various forms of simulation and testing. Furthermore, our extensive technological know-how includes mechanisms, mechatronics, sensor systems, Internet of Things, communications and artificial vision. We use the latest technology, which facilitates the optimisation of all the processes and the generation of intelligent solutions: bespoke projects, experience across all sectors and presence on six continents.

An Automatic Door for Any Business

Whatever your business, there is an automatic door for you. Our commercial team will advise you on the installation of automatic doors, and will help you to choose the best solution for your premises. At Manusa, we have a very wide commercial network spread across the major cities in Spain.

Are Manusa Automatic Doors Safe?

Absolutely, they comply with the compulsory standard EN 16005. The objective of this standard is to improve the safety of users of automatic pedestrian doors. In addition, thanks to their periodic maintenance, in accordance with standard UNE 85121 EX, at Manusa we also guarantee a safe door throughout its entire life cycle.