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Automatic doors in banks


Given their nature, banks must have security measures in place to avoid robberies. They are gradually eliminating manual doors to replace them with automatic entrances. In some cases, users often have to press a bell and wait for an employee to open the door to let them in.

In other banks or financial institutions, this option is automated. Normally, the person enters the building and presses a button. The door behind them is automatically locked before another one in front of them opens.

Banks have automatic doors for security purposes, but also for the convenience of employees and customers. Automated accesses is now commonplace in most sectors of society, as well as in banking. For example, a standard sliding door or revolving doors are often seen at entrances for a more flowing circulation of people.

The door to the ATM

Some banks are also open 24 hours a day because they have an ATM inside. As we all know, users can enter and the door automatically locks so that they can withdraw or send money without worrying about being robbed. This automatic system provides greater security for customers in comparison with those using the ATM located outdoors on the front wall of the bank.

In addition to this, all bank doors must have safety measures in place for fires, explosives or other tragic or emergency situations.

Manusa, a leading company in the creation, design and development of all kinds of intelligent accesses, offers ideal automatic doors for use in banks. The materials used in their production comply with strict quality controls to guarantee their perfect working order.

Furthermore, with its own offices in countries such as China, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates, and present in over 80 countries, the products can be installed in any bank in the world.

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