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Fire doors

Manusa’s fire doors provide maximum security for installations and users in case of fire outbreaks or uncontrolled fires. Its reinforced design is ideal for sectioning and protecting certain areas within commercial, residential housing and medical complexes, preventing the spread of fire from the outside in. We have stayed true to our vision of constant reinvention of our materials and products. As a result, we manufacture a wide range of sophisticated fireproof doors which understand the market and are adaptable to the constant changes of their requirements.

Useful Life for Fire-Resistant Doors.

Generally, the useful life for these fire-door insulating components is twenty years. However, it is recommended not to wait this entire time before changing the door. To guarantee everyone's safety, it is advisable to change it when it begins to look damaged and worn. If you would like more information about how to maintain fire doors, please contact our commercial team.

Glass or Metal Fire-Proof Doors

Whether they are glass, manual or automatic, Manusa fire-proof doors have the same function. When the electrical power supply is cut as a result of a fire, alarm, etc, the door remains closed but it is not locked. The leaves close to prevent the flames, gases and high temperatures from spreading from one sector to another, but they are not immobilised. In this way, moving from the affected zone to a safe zone is not prevented, should this be necessary.

The choice of a glass or metal fire-door depends on the environment where it is to be installed, although it is more common to install metal fire doors in the industrial sector.

Fire-Proof Doors at Emergency Exits

It is very important to know that fire doors cannot be placed at emergency exits. Emergency exits must remain open so that people can evacuate the building and get to safety. Therefore, if a fire door is installed, it would have to remain closed, as this is the way it prevents the smoke and fire from spreading.