Innovation and design

Automatic revolving doors guarantee security and fluidity at airports


Due to the improvement of the health situation in most countries around the world, the tourism sector has undergone a major revival. Domestic and international flights for vacations and reunions with family and friends have risen.

This means that airports around the world are seeing more passengers, suitcases, and luggage trolleys. Automatic revolving doors ensure the safe and smooth movement of people at the entrances and exits of passenger terminals. It is a simple bi-directional straight-line access with a unique design that turns a normal entrance into an attractive and environmentally friendly entrance.

This intelligent access model is characterized by its advanced technology and state-of-the-art design using curved glass and including ian anti-panic system that allows the leaves to fold down to allow rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Manusa automatic revolving doors are elegant and unique in relation to the rest of the building because of their full architectural integration. They are an effective barrier against pollution and external dirt. They create a comfortable environment, even near the entrance, without the need for a separate hall that acts as a windbreak, allowing maximum use of floor space. 

Automatic doors for sustainability

At any time of the year, Manusa automatic doors ensure that the heat or cold from the street does not affect the air conditioning or heating of the airport terminals, thus ensuring the comfort of passengers, airline employees and airport workers. A positive action in favor of sustainability and care for the environment.

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