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The Importance of a Capacity Control System to Prevent Crowds at Christmas

Cities are covered in lights, store windows filled with the Three Kings and Santa Claus, Christmas carols are playing in stores and shopping centres, and thousands of people carry bags laden with presents.

The Christmas holidays are on the minds of everyone in the weeks leading up to 25th December. It is a time of the year when we make the most purchases to present good wishes and cheer to family and friends.

Even though it is true that e-commerce is extremely important in these last days of the year, thousands of people still move through the cities to make purchases in physical stores.

In the most populated cities and the largest shopping centres, it is necessary to control the capacity to prevent crowds. Even more so in these times with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, when health authorities recommend that people socially distance to prevent virus transmission.

COVID-19 Safety whilst Christmas Shopping

Thanks to the Manusa capacity control system, it is possible to know in real time the number of people in a building or shopping centre. This helps to improve the experience for customers, who can make their purchases stress- free, without feeling overcrowded.

Amongst its many features, we could highlight that it is modular system, whose functionality can be augmented depending on the needs of each customer and location; it can be connected through a data network and HDMI; it is highly reliable, with safe and specific results; and it is highly innovative, as it features sensors linked to the internet of things (IoT) and 3D technology.

At Manusa, we are working so that society and scientists can overcome coronavirus. We contribute to this aim with our smart access and capacity control systems. Together, we will stop transmission. Contact us now to install capacity control systems in your business, shop or retail space.

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