The new capacity control system to avoid crowds

The crisis arising from the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic has meant that, given the health emergency, people in busy places must respect the safety measures determined by the authorities. Crowds must be avoided to stop the spread of this virus, which has proven lethal around the world.

Many companies have already implemented systems to ensure people remain away from each other. For example, some office buildings, restaurants, pharmacies or shopping malls have installed screens to ensure a distance between individuals.

As part of our social commitment, Manusa has launched a new capacity control system. The goal is to control the number of people entering an enclosed place. This new product has been designed to help businesses measure and control crowds. The mechanism is 98% reliable thanks to its stereoscopic camera, which is an exceptional feat in the market. It also includes IoT switches with 3D technology for data processing.

Because it is a modular product, it has the option of incorporating advanced software, which provides real-time information on the number of people inside the area and sends a message when the established capacity is filled.

Thanks to this new system, any company will be able to guarantee the health and hygiene of its employees and that of its customers, who can rest assured that there will never be uncontrolled crowds of public.

How to automatically control access by people to a building?

At present, access for example to a supermarket is controlled by a security guard. This new capacity control system is equipped with a stereoscopic camera that distinguishes the type of outline. This feature makes it a safer, more hygiene, non- intrusive control system. Thanks to this system, the business saves on costs and guarantees the safety of the establishment.

Stopping the coronavirus is in the hands of everyone and preventive measures must be taken in the future. Manusa has already prepared this innovative new system, which can be installed portably or permanently. We will gradually return to our routines, and all society must be aware and ready.
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Juan Pérez
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