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Tips for automatic door maintenance

mantenimiento puertas automaticas consejos

Whenever you buy or install a technological product, you always spend time using it, discovering its possibilities, and learning how it works. You want to explore all the options it has to offer to improve your personal or professional life.

Automatic doors are also equipped with technology and need not only to open and close well, but also to work perfectly. For this to be the case as of day one, all their parts, components and additional products must be monitored.

Everyday maintenance of automatic doors must not be forgotten, to make sure the product operates as new for a long time to come. Intelligent accesses are installed in many different buildings and are often seen as yet another part of everyday life.

Below is a list of tips to help keep your automatic doors in perfect condition.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and contact the after-sales technical service. The warranty provided by the company selling the product must offer this possibility.
  • Avoid using the doors inappropriately, such as forcing the product, preventing it from moving naturally, or hitting it. Make sure the speed of the drive units is correct and that the leaves slide freely without any obstacles.
  • Keep the doors and their components clean. Cleaning is essential in any technological product.
  • Replace any damaged or worn parts. If a part of the door has been damaged, this might cause problems with the rest of the product as a whole.

How often should automatic doors be inspected?

You might ask how often maintenance work should be carried out on intelligent accesses in a large building, small premises, or an apartment block. The answer depends on the use given to each automatic door.

A monthly inspection of the product is recommended. If it shows signs of technical problems, solve the incident as quickly as possible to ensure a satisfactory experience and to extend the working life of the automatic doors.

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