The security of automatic platform doors at bus stations

Thanks to technology, our lives have advanced exponentially over recent years. We can contact someone on the other side of the world at just the click of a button, we can share a photo with thousands of people five seconds after taking it, and we can travel by car without having to actually drive it by hand.

Decades ago, these actions would have seemed like a utopia, but reality often goes more quickly than the fiction that scriptwriters imagined for their films at the end of the 20th century.

Security must be at the forefront in all these technological processes and innovations. One of the sectors to have evolved the most in its automation for customers and employees is the transport sector.

Trains, the underground, or buses are all means of transport that have increasingly used automation in their elements. Either to pay for tickets or to open automatic doors on vehicles or at the entrances and exits of the buildings.

Manusa’s specific design for all its intelligent accesses for the public transport sector means that we can guarantee the safety and comfort of millions of users every day, optimising the flow of passengers in the best possible way.

In some spaces related to this sector, for example thanks to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), customers on the platform are not in direct contact with the vehicles until the departure time. This means that people do not breathe in the gases that buses might emit, and nobody is run over. Furthermore, thanks to its automatic platform door system, the energy efficiency of the building increases and the temperature is better controlled in extreme temperatures such as winter or summer.

Security elements on intelligent accesses

Security can also be reinforced with other elements, such as emergency panic break- out doors, access control turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, one-way corridors, or validators. The public authorities and private companies have a good catalogue of products that make life easier for travellers.
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