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Accessibility Advantages of Automatic Doors in Residential Areas

Ventajas de accesibilidad de las puertas automáticas en espacios residenciales

A large part of our time is spent outside the home, whether it is for work, leisure activities, routine tasks that fill up our days, such as sports or shopping, etc. When we return home we are usually tired, with our hands full, and a strong desire to relax.

Automatic doors provide benefits to access points in our residential areas. They offer various advantages that make our lives easier when entering or leaving our residential block.

Without any doubt, when we think of accessibility, our minds automatically think of wheelchair and pushchair ramps. Society’s important responsibility for taking into account the needs of disabled people, has meant that in many spaces architectural barriers have been broken, thus improving the quality of life for the neighbours living in a residential block.

Convenience Resulting from Automatic Doors

Many times we arrive home with our hands full, for example, with a bag in one hand and a phone in the other. We have three options: hang up or pause the call to free the hand; leave the bag on the floor and search our pockets for the keys; or continue speaking on the phone at the entrance because it is impossible to open the door.

However, if our doors were automatic, it would be enough to just push a button or approach the door, so that it opens by means of a proximity sensor. If we are in an exclusive and private transit area, as it is the case for residential blocks, an access control system can be installed to guarantee the security of the building. The door will open instantly by means of a personalised system.

Automatic doors in residential communities not only improve accessibility, but also increase security, hygiene, energy efficiency, space saving, and quality design. Do you want to improve the access to your home? Contact us.

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