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Access control

Access control solutions are systems conceived to very the ingress or egress of pedestrians to any type of public or private premises. Each of our access controls uses the latest technology and a versatile design that adapts to any type of entrance where needed.

Access Control Systems Depending on Connectivity

On the one hand, there are autonomous access control systems, which do not need to be connected to the network and are simply limited to opening and closing. These control systems do not save information on the movements they perform, and operate with integrated programming. When a person is identified, it creates an electrical impulse that facilitates access.

On the other hand, there are access control systems connected to the network. The main difference from the autonomous systems is that those connected to the network record the entry and exit of people, and they are also connected to the internet in order to save this information and later download it to generate reports. These systems allow the integration of different validation technologies, such as fingerprint readers or biometric access control.

The Benefits of Installing an Access Control System

Installing a Manusa access control system has a wide variety of benefits, both for the user and for the business or entity that installs it. It allows automated access, without the need for keys nor people in charge of monitoring access; avoids intrusions and, therefore, increases security; it is useful for separating restricted-access areas, and help to manage the control of employees entering and leaving.

What Identification Solution Can Be Integrated into Access Control Systems?

The majority of Manusa’s access control equipment comes ready for integration, for example, with RFID cards, digital finger print reader or biometric access control. We also offer integral installation, that includes pass restrictions, software and readers. Our Engineering Department can help you to integrate any other technologies, and provide you with the custom solution you need.