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Automatic doors are a boon for retailers during Black Friday

Every year, the last Friday in November is a very important date for shops and businesses. Black Friday is one of the shopping days on which most sales are made in many retail establishments thanks to price reductions and offers. Although in advertising it is reflected as a single Friday, it is a commercial action that is carried out from days and weeks before.

During this date, which is the prelude to another commercial boom such as Christmas, physical shops and large shopping centres have a higher than normal traffic of people. In this sense, automatic doors are a great help as they allow people to walk in and out of the shop without any kind of architectural barrier, something that does not happen when the shop has a manual door.

In addition, in these high volume periods, customers walk through shopping arcades with their hands full of gift bags or pushing shopping trolleys. Being able to enter or exit a shop without having to push or pull a door handle is a convenience for consumers who see the smart access to that retail space as an added value that will motivate them to return in the future. Moreover, with the coming into force of the Royal Decree-Law in favour of energy efficiency, the Spanish Government obliges shops to have a self-closing door to save energy.

Manusa has a wide catalogue of automatic doors for the retail sector, which are a great solution all year round and, especially, in periods or days with a great influx of people. In addition to a complete accessibility, they offer high levels of hygiene against viruses and bacteria, since it is not necessary to touch the door with the hands to open it, and they provide the shop with a touch of distinction and transparency. Smart entrances include:

How to control the capacity during Black Friday?

In addition to the automatic doors, Manusa has a set of accessories that improve the stay of the customers and help the managers and owners of shops and shopping centres. This is the case of the capacity control system, which allows to know in real time the number of people in a specific space of a building as well as to carry out an exhaustive data management. This system is modular according to the needs of the premises and its connectivity with the automatic door is via a data network and HDMI connection.

If you want to improve the experience of your customers when they visit your shop, contact us now and we will present you with the best solutions in terms of intelligent accesses so that at times like Christmas or Black Friday, crowds are reduced thanks to a smooth flow of people.

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