The security of one-way corridors at airports

One of the many features at airports is security. At an airport you can find the national police, workers of private security companies, and automatic systems. Often when you have disembarked and enter the terminal, you come across automatic accesses that do not let you turn back.

This prevents anyone who is not a passenger on a flight or involved in airport work from entering an unauthorised area, such as the baggage reclaim carousels or the passport control areas. These are known as one-way corridors.

They can only be found at large airports and the system is gradually becoming standard in many airport complexes. As well as reducing costs, it cuts down on the number of security personnel, automating these rooms and areas without the need for human presence.

The system is made up of two doors that open automatically in the direction of flow of the passengers, without disturbing those walking along it in any way. It has alarms that are triggered whenever anyone attempts to use them in the opposite direction and an automatic locking device that is only unlocked when the corridor is completely empty.

This sophisticated user traffic detection system warns whenever a user or any object, such as a suitcase, remains in the corridor for longer than established. This one-way corridor can be connected to any local or remote external control or supervision system thanks to the many different possibilities for communication and integration of accessories, such as the intercom, the video-surveillance and counting system and the LED display.

Along with these systems, there is also an increasing amount of facial and passport control software that automatically supervises people entering the country of destination. Is complete access automation at airports something that we will soon see?
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Juan Pérez
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