How do automatic doors work in supermarkets?

Hypermarkets and supermarkets always want the best for their customers. They hope that when customers enter their stores they enjoy an outstanding user experience. This wellbeing is not only based on the ambient lighting, the colours of the products, the temperature, the atmosphere created by the piped music or the information broadcast over the PA system, but it also depends on the points of access.

Most of these establishments – whether large commercial centres or small grocery stores – have automatic doors fitted at the building’s entrances and exits. They are essential to ensure shoppers and retailers can enter and exit without having to worry about pushing on a door.

The accesses open and close automatically by means of motion sensors. As we know, when someone approaches the door it opens automatically. They then close a few seconds after the user leaves the area defined by the motor’s software.

Supermarkets and their accesses

What are they like and how do these automatic doors work? They are normally constructed with glass leaves in sliding or swing models. This means they can be adapted to any access point. Obviously their price depends on their size.

This type of accesses in retail outlets are very convenient for customers in wheelchairs, those pushing a shopping trolley or those who have their hands full with shopping bags.

In addition, the owners and companies managing the shops will save money by improving their energy efficiency. Automatic sliding doors help save energy, as they reduce the amount of time the doors stay open. They are only open when people are entering or leaving the shop.

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