Manusa launches the Optima Prox+ Touchless switch

During this health crisis, all society has been forced to take precautions that it did not value so greatly before or that it did not consider essential. The COVID-19 pandemic has limited physical contact between people. Now, the use of gloves and masks is almost obligatory, and washing your hands with soap and water or sanitiser several times a day is recommended.

True to its commitment towards society, Manusa is launchig the new Optima Prox+ Touchless switch. At present -and in the coming future- hygiene, safety, accessibility and the easy movement of people are priority issues.

The Optima Prox+ Touchless switch is designed for shared spaces, such as those you might find in offices, hospitals and shops. Busy places that require minimal contact between people. As well as its capacity to adapt to any environment, its innovation and its avant-garde technology for safe, effective accesses are noteworthy. The Optima Prox+ Touchless switch is extremely adaptable and can be applied to different types of door, such as sliding, swing, and hermetic doors, etc.

Nowadays, it is more necessary than ever for the entrances and exits of rooms and buildings to be comfortable, simple and useful. And with automatic doors, people do not touch any glass or handle to open or close a door, avoiding sources of transmission.

Effectiveness against the coronavirus

The most noteworthy feature of this technology is the effectiveness, elegance and design of its touchless switch. Its system is similar to that of a traditional button used to open an automatic door and other control mechanisms. In this one, however, the door is opened with no need to touch the switch, and simply by approaching it with your hand or elbow at a certain distance.

The Optima Prox+ Touchless switch is an improved version of the already famous Manusa Smart Prox Switch. Among its improvements are that it is compatible with the new Visio+ based on IoT technology, and its simplified BUS-type connectivity, which makes entering much easier, faster and directer. The detection area has also be significantly decreased, lowering the possibility of unwanted door opening and increasing safety and hygiene conditions.

The switch has a blue LED light that flashes to confirm that the system is sending the order to open. Its small size and discreet design mean that it blends into diverse architectural environments, producing a simple, functional surface-mounted mechanism.

This technological element and other activation accessories play a key role in the fight against the virus, as they allow for more orderly movement and better capacity control, and will be essential in the society we must image and create from now on.
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