Manusa implements the Digital Workplace

Since the beginning of 2020, Manusa has been working to integrate the Digital Workplace within the company. The Digital Workplace is a space which allows Manusa and Ferroflex workers and distributors to integrate the Smartmind by Manusa project into the company’s corporate culture.

As we know, physical workspaces are subject to constant evolution and companies must start to undertake the digital transformation by integrating Digital Workplaces. With the current crisis due to the COVID-19 coronavirus this way of working has been implanted across many different sectors.

What is the Digital Workplace?

The definition of the Digital Workplace encompasses a space that allows us to work online and remotely without have to physically enter the office. It is a tool that helps improve communication and collaboration between workers; increases access to knowledge, as it can hold an unlimited library of documents in just a single platform; and notably increases the productivity of both employees and affiliates in a range of processes and projects being developed by the company.

Manusa digital work place online

Thanks to Manusa’s Digital Workplace, the pace of work continues unabated and it provides an optimal means for workers to carry out their duties in partnership with supplies, distributors and clients.

The tool offers some excellent features, including access to courses delivered by the company, the Manusa product finder, information on sales statistics, a platform for sending and receiving emails, a task organiser, access to personal files commonly used in the office, you can also view the agenda or read the newsletter and official notices posted by the company and its departments.

The platform is available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, to facilitate communication between employees and suppliers from every corner of Manusa’s operating sphere.
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