How to control the number of people in crowded places?

The control of health in public and private places of all kinds has increased following the global social impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Mobile apps, surveillance cameras and management and control systems and software are now available to inform us in real time of the number of people who have entered or left a building or area, and how many remain inside.

This is done to avoid the spread of the virus by people who are unaware that they are carriers. Physical distancing between individuals is essential for ensuring this global pandemic is stopped.

Approved capacity control system

All companies that have a place where there is free-flowing traffic of customers or employees must have an approved capacity control system in line with the current regulations of each country. This is not something that can be done manually. It involves the health of people in supermarkets and markets, airports, hotels, restaurants, industrial units, on public transport, and even at beaches and swimming pools.

Places of leisure also require a control system that does not depend on one person. As well as shopping malls and shops, for example, bars, cafés, pubs and discos are all gradually returning to normal and are applying restrictions while the pandemic remains active.

The Manusa capacity control system is an autonomous device based on stereoscopic vision. It controls and manages capacity in a simple, intelligent manner, and can be connected to automatic doors. The technology in this switch is 98% reliable.

What guarantees this automatic system? Firstly our safety, by not filling up a place with more people that is permitted by the health authorities, and secondly that people will be more self-assured in the knowledge that they do not have to worry about walking around because there will always only be few people around them, and at the regulatory distance established. The entrance doors or turnstiles will be locked when the maximum number of people is reached.

In addition to this are the temperature control systems that we have already seen to be set up in many different places. Artificial intelligence already formed part of our lives. It is now here to look after us and care for our health.
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