What to do if an automatic door doesn’t open?

Occasionally, after some time, doors no longer perform as well as they did when they were first installed.

When an automatic door does not open it could be due to different reasons: the drive unit may be suffering electrical or mechanical faults; there could be an error in the software activated by the motion sensor; or the door does not open and close smoothly or as well as expected.

What is more, in association with these problems, the doors’ operation may produce unwanted noises. For example, a high-pitched, squeaking sound. This could be because the mechanism is worn out and needs repairing by disassembling and reassembling the product or by installing a new part.

Another potential fault is when a door is jammed by an object obstructing the rails that guide the movement of the side leaves. This is something that should be checked on a daily basis, so it does not develop into an unresolvable problem over time.

Trouble-shooting. Automatic door does not open

But what should we do to resolve the problem of an automatic door that does not work properly and will not open?

This is when the technicians from the company who manufactured the door should be called into action. They are familiar with the product and will be experts in how to repair any damage to the automatic door.

In the case of a company, their own maintenance team should try to discover the cause of the problem before contacting Manusa’s customer support service. This means the appropriate channels will be followed to resolve the incident as soon as possible.

If, however, the door that will not open belongs to a private customer, for example in their home or garage, then the ideal course of action is to call the superintendent of the community of residents or apartment block or, in the case of an individual home, get in touch with the insurance company or directly contact our technical service.
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