Which Are the Best Automatic Pedestrian Doors?

Automatic doors are regular and fundamental part of daily life for millions of people worldwide. They are found in airports, bank branches, hotels restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets, office building... This product mirrors the modern society in the 21st century.

We are used to having them open before us so that we pass through walking; however, we can also find automatic doors in other areas such as industrial buildings, car parks or garages, adapted for vehicles. Today, we will be talking about automatic pedestrian doors.

There are a wide range of products in this field. The most standard and the ones that we have all walked through on more than one occasion are automatic sliding, revolving and swing doors.

To these we should add the different access controls, such as corridors with swing panels, that have an innovative system of in which the emphasis is on convenience, safety and design; the corridors with hidden panels, that are valued by architects thanks to their adaptability to any space; and the turnstiles, that protect any restricted-access area.

Within Manusa’s extensive catalogue of products, there are also other accesses used by pedestrians such as:

  • Motorised swing panels

  • Full-height turnstiles

  • One-way corridors

  • Validators

  • Corridors with one-way swing panels

Regulations Regarding Automatic Pedestrian Doors

When designing, manufacturing and installing an automatic pedestrian door, Manusa strictly adheres to the EN16005 standard, which focuses, mainly, on the protection of users of automatic pedestrian doors to minimise risk factors, especially the following:

  • Safety measures in the design of operators and sensors.

  • Protection of potentially dangerous points.

  • Operating doors located at evacuation points and emergency exits.

This is a regulatory framework that establishes the safety of this type of automatic access. This guarantees that automatic pedestrian doors in the majority of countries comply with the same requirements and have the same basic features.

Manusa installs these types of automatic doors in any space requested by the customer, with a personalised design for each location. Thus, a constant, fluid transit of pedestrians is achieved, without awkward congestions.
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