Spare and Replacement Parts for Automatic Doors

When we install an automatic door, it is important to trust the experts and professionals, since these are the people that really understand the steps necessary to complete the installation correctly.

We should have a certificate of guarantee that allows us to provide the product with great durability, and have the support of a technical service, should the door suffer over time any wear, deterioration or malfunction.

If our automatic door has this service, the technical team will be in charge of installing any replacement parts, spares and accessories required. It is recommended to have this guarantee since, without it, we would have to search for the replacement or spare parts for our door by contacting the brand or manufacturer.

Repairing Automatic Door Motors

One of the most requested tasks after frequent use of these types of products, is repairing the automatic door motors. It is a complex repair because the drive units are comprised of a number of important components that must be correctly installed, for the leaves to move and the doors to operate at their full potential.

To do this, it is advisable to change the damaged part for an identical replacement or of similar quality to the one being replaced. If we use a replacement part that is not the same, we may cause the door to break completely.

There types of bad practices are usually seen, for example, in garage automatic doors for a residential community. This usually occurs when the neighbourhood decides to fix the door without consulting a specialist. A neighbour or various neighbours take their own tools and carry out the repair. In a large number of cases, this home repair usually increases the cost of future technical visits, as it was performed unprofessionally and correct operation may only be temporary. It is essential to rely on automatic door experts.
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